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  • Knee Pain Knee Pain

    Knee pain is a common condition affecting individuals from different age groups. It not only affects movement but also impacts the quality of life of the individual. An injury or disease of the knee joint or any structure surrounding the knee can result in knee pain.

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  • Knee Arthritis Knee Arthritis

    Arthritis is a general term covering numerous conditions where the joint surface or cartilage wears out. The joint surface is covered by a smooth articular surface that allows pain-free movement in the joint. This surface can wear out for several reasons; often the definite cause is not known. Arthritis often affects the knee joint.

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  • Knee Fracture Knee Fracture

    A fracture is a condition in which there is a break in the continuity of the bone.  In younger individuals, these fractures are caused from high energy injuries, as from a motor vehicle accident. In older people, the most common cause is weak and fragile bone.

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  • Meniscal Injuries Meniscal Injuries

    The meniscus is a small, "c" shaped piece of cartilage in the knee. It acts like a "shock absorber" in the knee joint. Meniscal injuries often occur during sports, often by a twisting motion or over flexing of the knee joint.

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  • Ligament Injuries Ligament Injuries

    Ligaments injuries may occur during sports, fracture, dislocation or accidents. The different types of ligament injuries include ACL tear, MCL tear and PCL tear. Common symptoms of ligament injuries include pain, swelling and stiffness in the knee joint.

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  • Patellar Instability Patellar Instability

    Patellar (kneecap) instability results from one or more dislocations or partial dislocations (subluxations). Patella is the small piece of bone in front of the knee that slides up and down the femoral groove (groove in the femur bone) during bending and stretching movements.

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  • Limb Deformities Limb Deformities

    Limb deformities can be congenital (present at birth) or develop at a later stage as a result of fracture, infection, arthritis or tumor. Congenital deformities of the lower limbs are developmental disorders that cause alterations in the shape and appearance of the legs.

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  • Knee Angular Deformities Knee Angular Deformities

    Angular deformities of the knee are variations in the normal growth pattern during early childhood and are common during childhood.

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