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  • Thelma W

    Thelma W

    I fell at home on November 27, 2010; the ambulance took me to CRMC where Dr.Khakharia was on call. He ordered x-rays and found out my hip was broken.

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  • Edna A

    Edna A

    My name is Edna Agnes; I was suffering with pain in my right shoulder and arm. I had x-rays and medications but it did not work.

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  • Marion B

    Marion B

    I was referred to Dr.Khakharia by my primary care physician for right knee pain. We did everything we could before coming to the conclusion I needed surgery.

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  • Homer S

    Homer S

    My name is Homer Spells and I was staying in Magnolia Manor Assisted Living when I fell and hurt my hip. I saw Dr. Khakharia and he did my partial hip replacement.

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  • Carol S

    Carol S

    No one wants to have surgery but when I fell in November of 2010 and broke my right wrist I needed surgery.

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  • Jessica H

    Jessica H

    My name is Jessica Howell. I came to see Dr. Khakharia office with horrible hip pain. I saw multiple doctors for hip pain and no one was able to diagnose me. It was Dr.Khakharia who diagnosed me with hip impingment and labral tear.

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  • Charles B

    Charles B

    While on the golf course, I heard about Dr. Khakharia and his impressive fellowships.

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  • Richard C

    Richard C

    A friend and I were moving concert pieces when he let one side go. I heard something pop in the left shoulder and decided I needed to see a doctor.

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  • Inez R

    Inez R

    I fell and hurt my right knee and was looking for an orthopedic doctor and was kind of skeptical at first because Dr.Khakharia was new to town.

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  • Tonia R

    Tonia R

    This is my story. I’ve suffered with rheumatoid arthritis in my knees for many years and lived with the discomfort. Some time ago, I fell and knew something was wrong but thought over-the-counter braces would suffice.

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