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Jessica H

My name is Jessica Howell. I came to see Dr. Khakharia office with horrible hip pain. I saw multiple doctors for hip pain and no one was able to diagnose me. It was Dr. Khakharia who diagnosed me with hip impingment and labral tear.

He performed left Hip Arthroscopy for impingment and labral tear and repaired the labral tear in my hip joint, just with arthroscopy/minimally invasive. I am very very pleased and happy with the result. I have No pain. After care was wonderful by him. I have had other surgeries before and never had after care. He came to my room and called me to make sure that i am doing fine. I am walking pain free and now i can actually sleep at night and on top of this my scar is almost invisible/completely gone.I will definately recommend Dr. Khakahria to anyone who has hip pain.

Thank you.

Jessica H

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